Thursday, September 26, 2019

Middle School Cross Country

A big well done to all of our Middle School Cross Country competitors on their run today! The sun was shining but the wind was certainly blowing and this made for some difficult running conditions.

From our competitors, we saw grit, we saw determination, we saw sweat, we saw tears and we saw hard work paying off!

Here are the results from today;

Year 3 Girls
1st - Charlie May
2nd - Medow-Rose
Joint 3rd - Coco and Lily
5th - Kenzie
6th - Kelly

Year 3 Boys
1st - Arthur
2nd - Zachariah
3rd - Zac W
Joint 4th - Tadhg and Theo

Year 4 Girls
Joint 1st - Lauren and Crystal
Joint 3rd - Hannah and Indie T
5th - Erin

Year 4 Boys
1st - Tighe
2nd - Ranginui
3rd - Jackson
4th - Luke
Joint 5th - Jai and Dean

A special mention to the runners pictured above. After some confusion with the course instructions on the first race of the event, they opted to run it a second time. What an incredible effort, Year 3 girls!

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